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The Connecting for the Cure Foundation is an organization committed to raising funds to help find a cure for pediatric cancer.

A parent’s worst nightmare is losing their child. It isn’t life’s way. It just isn’t natural. Every parent who has a child could not imagine or would want to fathom the idea. They would easily give their own life before the thought of their child being taken from them.

Brooke and Mark Goldstein established the Foundation in 2006 with the goal of helping to find a cure for this devastating illness. They lost their beloved son David in October of 2005 after he lost his 14-year battle with a brain tumor. He was only twenty-one years old.

“No family or child should have to experience the emotional and physical pain one feels when you hear ‘your child has cancer.’ I hope this foundation can make a difference in many lives in the years to come,”

Mark Goldstein

Connecting for the Cure - Menu
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